Windshield Repair
Universal City & San Antonio, TX


It is common for people to have questions when it comes to auto glass. Questions like “What kind of damage is this?”, “Can this be repaired?”, “How do you repair it?” are the most common ones. I will try to address these questions in here.

Windshields have two layers of clear tempered glass, with a third layer in between them constructed of poly-vinyl butyral. However, because of the inner polyvinyl butyral layer, the damage is limited to the outside layer of the windshield. If a hard object, like a rock, strikes the windshield, for example, it can become cracked and ultimately it can break the glass creating what is known as an air pocket void. If this is not repaired in a timely manner, the damage can become worse as temperature changes or vehicle usage have an impact on it.

A windshield crack is typically repaired with what is called a resin. This resin is injected into the damaged area after  all the air is removed from the pocket void. The resin then is cured, typically with an Ultra Violet (UV) light, and the repair is finished. This process strengthens the windshield and it also stops the spread of the damage. The vehicle can be used immediately after the repair; no additional time is needed once the repair process is completed. This process, not only reduces the customer’s wait time, it also lowers the cost as well.

Although windshield repair is increasingly popular and the basics of the trade can be learned rather quickly, not all repairmen are skilled or properly certified. It is important for a repair technician to learn and master the craft and this comes with a lot of practice. If the repair is not done properly, it creates an inconvenience for the customer as the work will have to be completed a second time.

It is important to do our due diligence when searching for a repair technician. Always ask for a license, search online for reviews or references from previous customers or businesses, and check out past repairs from the technician. The longer a technician has been working on the trade, the better. There is so much information available to all on the internet and it is available at all times.

When in need of a repair, there are a few things to consider. If the chip or crack can be covered with a quarter, most likely a simple resin repair will take care of the issue. Make sure to get any windshield repairs done as quickly as possible. The more time it passes when the windshield gets damaged, the bigger the chances that it will need to be replaced. Water and dirt can also contaminate the glass so it’s important to get the repair completed before washing the windshield too. Most insurance companies will pay for a crack repair up to 6 inches. However, it's up to the insurance company to waive the deductible and cover the cost of the repair. Make sure that the company you select guarantees their work. If a repair is not done with a high-quality resin, it can still spread. Don’t be afraid to ask the technician any other questions you might have. We are here to serve.

With the windshield being such an important component for the safety and structural integrity of a vehicle's passenger compartment, Quality Master Auto Glass  will ensure that your windshield is properly repaired using the best technology on the market. We are able to offer the repair if the damage is not longer than a dollar bill.


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